Name interpretation:

Keiko means 'September flower'

Haruta comes from the merge of the words 'Haru' (Spring) and 'Uta' (Song)


Age: 11
Birthday: September 24th (TRIVIA TIME! Same birthday as an overseas friend of the creator :3)

4ft 10in

Weight: Unspecified
Character food:


Voice source: UNKNOWN (Not decided)
Vocal range: UNKNOWN (No Voicebanks yet)
Genre: As above

Quiet time,sleep,new dresses,the colour pink,sweets


Thunder storms,loud people that are noisy deliberatly to annoy her,clothes that get ripped/dirty,all vegetables apart from sweetcorn.


Personality: She is a quiet girl,who will pop up out of nowhere and make you question how long she's actually been standing there.Enjoys cutesy pop music like Electric angel and Uni.

Supplemental Information

Hair colour: Pale pink in two large buns

Headset: 'so-pale-it's-practically-white' pink headset with a purple semi-circle light and three yellow stripe lights (Not seen in current illustration)

Hair accessories: Flower scrunchie hair ties

Eye colour: Green

Dress: Skirt of 'petals' with a deep pink sash around the waist and a pink tulip flower on the left of the waist.Top half is shoulderless with a collar that looks like a sailor-seifuku collar.Pink Seifuku-like ribbon that kinda looks like petals (you know where this is going).Shoes are long boots up to mid-thigh with purple half-flowers on the outsides.Arm-sleeves.Anything else,just look at the picture.

Nationality/Race: English 

Favourite phrase: 私は花よ,私は咲く見ます! (Watashi wa hana yo,watashi wa saku mimasu!)[I'm a flower,watch me bloom!]

She likes to say that she's like a flower,and with nurturing,she will bloom into a great singer. (I believe in you Toyama o3o7)

Voice Configuration

Since there is no Voicebank for her at the moment in,nothing can be said about her voice.But plans for them are as follows:

- CV Japanese Voicebank 

- CV VC Japanese voicebank

-CV English Voicebank

-CV VC English Voicebank

-Soft Voicebanks

-Whisper Voicebanks

-Append Sweet/Warm/Power

-A spanish voicebank would be cool?

-An ACT2 Voicebank a year or two after the original voicebank debut's (with all VB's from ACT1 getting updates with it)

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