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Toyoma Jau 

(Hiraganaとよま じゃう/じゃう とよま)

No meaning. Given at random. (Although, Jau was derived from a previous PitchLOID.)

TYPE: Corrupt UTAU
 (ERROR -1) located above his left buttcheek in yellow, TZ2 (Outdated; no longer used) located on his neck in red.

Modika Kol (Fully Corrupted Counterpart), Tomoya Juu (Derivative), Tomayi Jojo (Genderbend), Ritsu Namine  (Idol; Secret Crush), Akemi Daiki (Distant Friend)

AGE 13 years GENRE Pop HOMEPAGE None
WEIGHT 110 lbs (~50 kg) CHARACTER ITEM(s) Hammer/Gingerbread Man CREATOR GIOTO/Luuucius


BIRTHDAY May 1st, 2004 LIKES Dogs, shopping, dancing, video games, blueberry jam MEDIA LIST



RELEASE DATE August 2015 (Concept), September 2017 (V3 CV) DISLIKES The smell of ketchup, 90s music, ignorance, mean spirited people, cheese puffs SIGNATURE SONG None
PERSONALITY: Toyoma is a very quiet and reserved UTAU, but likes to be childish when adults are not around. He usually blames others for his mistakes and is known to be a crybaby.

Current Design

Toyoma's current design was based off of bright, eye-catching colours. The only things missing from his current render is his mid-waist yellow belt (his orange stripe on his undershit being mistaken for a belt instead), and his freckles. His current V3.5 render was drawn by Tinstarbby  on VOCALOID/UTAU Amino.)

Toyoma Jau v2


Toyoma was created by two individuals in August 2015 as a collaberation to create a male UTAUloid. His original designs and drafts differed for each individual, but both used the same base and were equipped with rainbow piano panels (similar to the UTAU Ritsu Namine.) The ownership was given to GIOTO after the other decided to create their own solo UTAU, Pyra.

  • 2015 Concept (Based Used)
  • 2015 Concept (GIOTO's; Base Used)
  • 2016 Concept (GIOTO's)

   His original names were:

-     Hibiki Basuto (2015)

-     Toyoma Oko (E. 2016)


*As of January 10th, Toyoma Jau has been discontinued by the owner until further notice.

  • Tomoya Jau V3 (CV) Voicebank Download: Download
  • Toyoma Jau V3.5 (CV) Voicebank Download: Down

​              - Comes packaged with a Passive and Aggressive append. 

​             - Password: eyelesswarrior

  • Toyoma Jau V4 (CV) Voicebank Download: Download

​            - Comes packaged with a Passive, Aggressive, and BUG append.

  • Tomoya Juu Voicebank: Use the following flags - B0F0H10Y0g-30
  • Toyoma Jau V3 MikuMikuDance Model Download: Download
  • Toyoma Jau V1 (VCV) Voicebank Download: Cancelled

MikuMikuDance Model

MMD Model (V3)

- Do not edit under any circumstances. If there is an error or a major glitch, contact Luucius. (No recolours.)

- Do not take parts, .spa/.sph files, or textures UNLESS you wish to create an alternate of Toyoma.

- The character has to stay the same. Period.

- No R-18+ themes UNLESS a song he is singing/dancing to has said themes.

- Shipping is whatever. Just don't ship him with anyone over 16 years old, or under 12.

- Do not use him for political, racial, or any sort of discriminatory content. No "hate" content.

If Luucius/GIOTO sees any of these rules broken, the model will be temporarily taken down until the offender takes down their rule-breaking content.


  • Official Render (by Tinstarbby)
  • Official Icon (by Tinstarbby)
  • Official Aggressive Render (by Tinstarbby; edited)
  • Official Passive Render (by Tinstarbby; edited)
  • Official Bug Render (by Tinstarbby; edited)
  • Toyoma Jau V3 MikuMikuDance Model
  • Tomoya Juu (Toyoma Jau's Derivative)
This gallery's photos can be used with proper crediting to the artists and contributors.

Terms and Conditions

  • Toyoma Jau cannot be used to make profit unless proper permission is given.
  • Toyoma Jau is not to be distributed/republished on any other websites for download without permission. Private trading is not allowed as well. (ex. Giving the file to someone over Skype).
  • Toyoma Jau is not to be used for violent themes or sexual misconduct unless the song calls for such themes. (ex. I'm Sorry, I'm Sorry).
  • Toyoma Jau is to NEVER be used for slander, political claims, or discrimination of any kind whatsoever.
  • Toyoma Jau shall not be paired with an individual romantically who is older than his current age, the limit being 16 years of age unless he is made older in the scenario.
  • Toyoma Jau is not to be recreated or altered (in voice) without the author's permission. Alternate costumes are allowed, as long as they do not violate rule three.