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Smol by mollythecoolcat-d988sqo


Around C2~A6


Batpoid (Friend)

XYZNeko (Friend)

Umbra Luna  (Housemate)

Reza (Dissector)

AGE 16 GENRE Any HOMEPAGE Remodeling


BIRTHDAY December 23 LIKES Being alone, Sweets (Especially cupcakes) MEDIA LIST YouTube, SoundCloud
RELEASE DATE December 28, 2013 DISLIKES Being around other people, Umbra Luna teasing him.  SIGNATURE SONG Can't I Even Dream?
PERSONALITY: Trace is a shy guy. Dandere, he usually keeps to himself and rarely speaks to others. He is often seen as emotionless at first, though eventually starts showing more emotion once befriended. He lives with Umbra Luna, who is the only person that he talks to. He spends his days by baking sweets and "watching" horror movies with his housemate.
Trace Full copy

Character Design

  • Hair color: Blonde
  • Eye color: Black/Light Blue (no pupils)
  • Headgear: Black/Orange hat (optional)
  • Headphones: None
  • Outfit: Long black coat, Orange tee shirt, Black pants, Black choker, White belt.
  • Other: Long, thin metal right arm with claw-like fingers.
  • Nationality/Race: American/Ghost-Human

Song List


Released Banks

Planned Banks

  • CV VC English
    TraceModel Show

    Trace's MMD model

MMD Model

MMD model made by SorasNightshade, can be downoaded here.

Fun Facts

  • Trace is blind.
  • He stutters when he talks.
  • Other than cupcakes, Trace also loves cookies, cakes, brownies, candy, and ice cream.
  • His favorite flavor of cupcake is strawberry.
  • After being bullied and neglected for several years, he committed suicide, by stabbing out his eyes, cutting off his arm, and cutting into his throat.
  • When he gets angry (which is rare), his blue eye will glow bright red.
  • His black eye is a glass replacement.
  • Before he went blind, his favorite color was light blue.
  • His character item is a megaphone in reference to his ACT 1, where some sounds sounded as if they were being sung through a megaphone, very loud and as if they were going to break the speakers. This problem was fixed in later ACTs.
  • He is secretly very sadistic, and he loves to hear people in pain - He would never intentionally hurt anyone, though.
  • He can, and will, use his metal claws as a weapon.
  • He wears a choker to hide a stitched cut across his throat.
  • He is bisexual.




  • Be nice to him
  • Nobody other than the creator can distribute his voicebank.
  • Nobody other than the creator can take credit for him.
  • If you use him in anything, be sure to tell me and link me to it through my Talk page or note me on DeviantART!

Voicebank & Content

  • DO NOT change any sounds in his voicebank.
  • DO NOT change his basic design very drastically (unless it fits a certain song).
  • DO NOT involve him in any offensive content.
  • DO NOT genderbend him or make a Pitchloid of him.
  • Editing the oto.ini is fine, but do not distribute it.
  • Use in violent/gorey/horror content is fine.
  • Use in sexual R18+ content is fine.


  • Roleplay is fine, just ask the me before you do so.
  • Please don't roleplay out of character.

Fanfiction/Fan Art

  • Use in fanart and/or fanfiction is appreciated, and be sure to send the me a link to the art/fic that he is used in!
  • Yaoi is fine (just nothing R18+).

All information on this page has been posted and confirmed true by the creator of this UTAUloid.

Info may be subject to change without prior notice.

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