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Species: Werepup (The puppy/dog version of a werewolf)

NOTE: Werepups are a closed species but if you just ask if you can make one i'll most likely say yes Other variations of werepups are okay i know i can't control the world just please do not use my info for it without my permission. Thank you.

A werepup is a decedent of werewolves who had infected a domesticated dog which lead to the dog infecting their owner while she was pregnant and the baby grew ears and tail creating the new species of werewolves called werepups, which are descendant of domesticated dogs and humans. They don't bite to infect but have a choice on who they change with a kiss (Lick actually) while thinking about transforming the person. 


  • Morph Ability
    • A werepup has the ability to morph into the breed of dog to which they are. A purebred Husky werepup would turn into a a Husky dog with the same colors of fur that matches the ears and tail of the dog.
    • A mutt however will morph into a large dog about the same height on all 4s as they are in their human form. This is believed to be a type of genetic deformity as well but is so common that doctors are unsure if it should be calculated as so or if it is just a special trait that is only exchanged in mixed breeds
      • Example: If the human form is 5'5" the morph will be 5'5" on all 4s as well, On 2 legs varies on breed.
  • Change Ability
    • A common assumption of werepups is that they, like their werewolf ancestors, also have to bit a person to infect them. This is actually not true. A werepup merely chooses if it wishes to change a person or not with a lick on the neck. The majority of those who are changed have willingly been changes
      • When a person changes they feel no pain and grow their ears and tail overnight while they are asleep. This also has been one of the easiest forms or transformation into any form of a wereanimal. With awareness of the transformation and easy adaptability
      • When a person changes their breed is determined by what traits they already have and they can change into 1 of 5 species of dog.
        1. Lab - Agility
        2. Retriever - Loyalty
        3. Husky - Bravery
        4. Rottweiler  - Strong/Strength
        5. Chihuahua - Honesty
        • The reason for these traits are all positive, because positive traits shine through best to the infection which morphs over that particular strand(s) of DNA. (The strands that determine traits)
          • Please note that this is all based off of the scientific theory that DNA determines traits. This does not mean that their trait has to shine through, in all reality we choose if we show our traits or not to the world.
  • Healing Ability
    • A werepup has the ability to heal another werepup or human with the exchange of saliva. Though not the most sanitary of methods, most werepups use this ability to heal loved ones who have gotten hurt, but is not used for simple things such as flesh wounds unless deadly.
      • Many werepups exchange it through kissing, while in the world of medicine, they simply drool/spit into a cup and the person must drink it.
      • This works on animals as well but it's hard to get an animal to drink saliva

Qualities of a Werepup

  • Domesticated dog features (Husky tail, floppy ears, curled tail, ect.)
  • Mismatch ear/tail to hair color (Meaning ears and tail do not match hair color)
    • Strange hair color isn't a trait, Werepups can have any haircolor
  • Pastel colored eyes (Such as pale purple, light pink, baby blue)

Genetic Deformities

  • Over-sized Ears and/or tail (Trina Wylington has this)
  • Multiple tails (High risk when breeding mixed)
  • Inability to morph (This is common when a human and werepup breed)
  • Ears and Tail never appearing (Also happens when breeding with humans)

The Royal Family

  • The Royal Family are the descendants of the original werepup. The royal family is the only species of werepup that has the mint green ears and tail with light blue hair.
    • The Princess Of The Stars - Trina Wylington
    • The Knight Of The Stars - Lola Wylington
    • The Keeper Of The Stars - Leslie Wylington (Married into the Position)
    • The Mother Of The Stars - Michelle Wylington

Each Member of the royal family has a special ability and a job. All members get their star tattoos when they turn 17 which is imprinted on them by the stars. When their abilities are used, the star tattoo lights up.

  • Knight - Protect the princess
  • Keeper - Watch over the stars and the castle
  • Mother - Produce new stars in the sky
  • Princess - Carry the light of the stars


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Art by: ShineArtworks

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