Tristan Benz Alexander

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TYPE: CV00-xloids (Codename: CV01-t)
GENDER Male VOICE RANGE G2-E4 (Original Act 1), G#2 - C5 (Hyper) RELATED
Kagamine Len -> Best Friends

Kagamine Rin -> Best Friends Hatsune Miku -> Senpai Unknown UTAU (It's because my friend not record her Voice :v) -> Best Friends

Tritsane Benz Alexander -> Twin Sister
AGE 14 GENRE Whatever you want HOMEPAGE -> Still New ^_^
WEIGHT 50 kg CHARACTER ITEM Cookies CREATOR Tristan Benz Alexander
HEIGHT 160 cm VOICE SOURCE Tristan Benz Alexander PICTURE LINK LIST Not available
BIRTHDAY Dec10th (Creator)

Sept23rd (Beta release)

LIKES Cookies,Ice cream,And Sweet (Not addicted to them).Playing Handphone,Asking and Answering question from teacher,Best Friend MEDIA LIST

RELEASE DATE Sept 23rd (Beta release) DISLIKES Fake Friends ,Something Bitter,Alone,Someone Whodoesn't say Thank you after get his help,Someone who comes just for use him SIGNATURE SONG No song
ADDITIONAL INFO: Creator's channel: Tristan Benz Alexander Fireball

Creator's Soundcloud: Tristan_MKWheel Creator's twitter : Tristan_ MKWheel

Untitled aaaa


Tristan's Avatar


 It is so simple, (I'm sorry it's uncoloured). He has Black Headphone,White Uniform,Blue Shorts,Red Eyes,Orange hair.( I Will Update this after my friend send me the coloured ava ^_^




He has 7 Voicebanks for now:

CV Act 1  -> No Demo it was the most worst Voicebank that I  made

CV Hyper  -> The most worst append that i made.. What kind of append? It was powerful                            but when rendering.. It was fail as "powerful" so No demo

CV Deep -> Manly voices but The Phoneme(?) sounds so odd and no demo

VCV Act 1 and CV Act 2 (2 in 1 Voicebank) -> Fixed Version but there are false in oto and                                                                             bad mic

VCV Hyper -> Best Tristan's Voicebank and powerful/shout for now

VCV Whisper  -> Very Whisperish,It Will be fixed.

VCV Act 2 -> Better quality in Act 1

VCV Act 2 Hyper -> This one actually MUCH MUCH Better instead the older voicebank

Demo: Click the name of song to see

Meltdown -> VCV Act 1 (The Most Worst Cover caused Still learning Oto VCV,Bad record,Bad Mixing because I'm in rush)

Full Course for candy addict ->  VCV Act 1

Kagerou days -> VCV Act 1

Kokoro  -> VCV Act 1

Karakuri Pierrot -> The best demo of  VCV Act 1 Torinoko City - VCV Act 1

Francium -> CV Act 2

Unhappy Refrain -> CV Act 2

Trick and Treat -> VCV Act 1 feat Hatsune Mikuo V3

Tokyo Teddy bear -> VCV Hyper + Original (BEST OF TRISTAN-KUN)

Corpse Dance -> VCV Hyper

Meltdown -> VCV Hyper

Deep Sea Boy -> VCV Hyper + Original 

Love me Love me Love me ->VCV Hyper + Original

Electric Angel ->  VCV Hyper

The Real disappearance of Hatsune Miku -> VCV Hyper 

Magnet ->  VCV Hyper + Kagamine Len Power

Tsugihagi/Patchwork Stacatto -> VCV Act 2

There are bad mixing in VCV Act 1 and I'll do the best for hyper from Oto and making cover.

The otos are better in Act 2 and hyper but they are still in process,, You may ask the creator if you want to help creator on otoing by commenting his video ^^

Voicebank download:

You can try the beta voicebank.

VCV Act 1 + CV Act 2 (It is Beta.Confirmed for pre-release Contain"Bad record","Bad oto" and Unfinished oto but it is already to use. You can oto him alone ^_^ It is Hiragana :'3 For use CV,you need type in suffixbroker "CV" )

VCV Hyper -> (Shout Voice,no "bad record"Confirmed for full release ver along with whisper)

VCV Whisper -> (Soft Voice,Confirmed for full release)

You may Distribute my Voicebank with creator agreement.

You may make fanloid with creator agreement.

You may not pitch him up or down.

Hope you like this UTAU ^_^

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