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Kei synth prof 

(Japanese: ツァトネシンサ - つぁとねしんさ - Tsatone Shinsa)
Syntha - This is a pun on how she is a Vocal Synthesizer. Technically her name should be written as ツァトネシンセサイザー, but Syntha prefers the shorter version. Tsatone - One and Sound.
If written correctly her name could mean "First Fake Sound".
TYPE: Utauloid
MODEL: Synthloid

Anta Shizuko(Friend)
Machi Sukio (Friend)
Makoto Eku(Best Friend/Brother)
Eraane Xei(Friend)

AGE 16 or 17 GENRE Syntha should in theory, sound fine with any type of Genre. Her oto may need slight editing to fit faster or slower songs however. HOMEPAGE Macnebon's dA
WEIGHT 136 lbs CHARACTER ITEM Coffee with Raspberry Creamer CREATOR Macnebon



Boxart DeviantART

BIRTHDAY March 6, 1994 LIKES Reading, Drawing, Talkitive People, Playing pranks with her friends, Roleplaying MEDIA LIST N/A
RELEASE DATE None yet DISLIKES Shy people, Bossy People, blueberries, Most Vocaloids, Hatsune Miku SIGNATURE SONG N/A
PERSONALITY:Syntha is bright girl who strives to be a good singer. She admires lots of Utauloids and the Vocaloids, and hopes to be well-known eventually like Kasane Teto or Momo Momone. Syntha has an abundance of anger, and a huge temper when you get on her bad side. Mostly she'll just try to "fit in" when people she doesn't know are around her, and try's not to engage in conversation with people she likes, atleast untill she figures they've acknowledged her.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Brunette/Mahogany (dyed)
Headgear: Pink headband
Eye color: Violet (colored contacts, her normal eye color is Green)
Earphones: Burgundy, pink ring around the outside with yellow and blue lights in the middle.
Dress: Burgundy dress, CD player on her waist, pearl gloves/stockings with gold platform shoes. Glowing pink and blue details on the ends of her dress, gloves and stockings.
Nationality/Race: Traditionally American, but assumed to be Japanese
Catch Phrase/Something Syntha would say: "コーヒーは最高のおやつです" or "Coffee is best Snack."

Voice Configuration

As Syntha's voicebank is still undergoing production, please do not ask for me to send you the file. Contact her Creator, Kate Loikie for more information on how Syntha is to be used when her bank is eventually released. Even though Syntha has no voice at the moment, the Author has list of Appends she plans on giving her Utauloid.

Burst(similar to a Power Append)
Noir(similar to a Dark Append)
Fragile(similar to a Whisper Append)
VCV(for users who prefer this type of Utau Bank)

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