About the UTAU

Tsubasa Arugo (翼亜留郷) is a Japanese UTAULOID created, and distributed by an UTAU User WinterStar. He was first released at Feburary 29, 2016, a day before WinterStar's birthday (March 1),  but he hasn't been used much over the years, until he met another UTAU user known as Lasaillax! because of her work with Tsubasa, more people start to have more interest in him! He is also part of the UTAU group "MEMEroid"


He was originally gonna be just a regular OC, but due to WinterStar's obsession of the UTAU Program, he made him into a Public UTAU!

  • Etymology

His Old name was "Gavenloid" which is WinterStar's Old YT Channel name, until Lasaillax gaven him a new name by a Google search, which is Tsubasa (翼, Wings), and Arugo (亜留郷, Question), but it's also a representation of an English pronounciation of "Argo"

His name in Korean is "nalgae mudneun" (날개 묻는)

His name in Chinese is "Yǒng yáng róng gǔ" (Simplified: 永阳荣谷 Traditional: 永陽榮谷)

  • Appearance

When WinterStar first illustrated him, he used Microsoft Paint, but slowly improves using Paint Tool SAI, then FireAlpaca, well in 2016 he met another UTAU User who is currently on a haitus named Yuunarii, another one of Lasaillax's Friends, WinterStar met her in the Skype call with Lasaillax, and her other friend! in 2017, Yuunarii opened an Art Commission, and Lasaillax commissioned her to draw Tsubasa Arugo! and she said that she drew him so good! 

  • Design

Tsubasa Arugo is a Nekomimi Male Boy, he wears a Long-sleeved Gray Shirt with Dark Gray Stripes, with Dark Blue Pants with Yellow Stars, a Blue Scarf, and Gray and Blue Shoes, He has Angel Wings, but doesn't have a Halo on his head! and he sometimes holds a Star over his hand!  

​​​​​Voicebank Downloads

All his voicebank downloads can be found in this link