Wide mugshot

Tsukekuru 013 Wide

English: Wide Tsukekuru

Japanese: 着き繰るワイド ( Tsukikuru Waidu )

Spanish: Tsukikuru Waid

Name Interperetation:

English spelling:Tsukekuru || Japanese Spelling: Tsukikuru「着き繰る」: Due to the confusing transition English-Japanese of his surname, it's been concluded that it has no particular meaning

013: His model number and for some odd reason is often used as a middle name

              English Spelling: Wide || Japanese Spelling: Waidu「ワイド」: Name chosen due to his "Wide" vocal range

Type: Mythosiod

Model: 013: 1012p_01 ( 013 is the number written on his shoulder and headphones. 1012p_01 is a formal model number, however is not written anywhere on him ) ( 1012p_01 symbolizes he is the first voicebank by 10/12 productions ) ( 013 is his vocalists lucky number apparently despite how unlucky it's said to be.)



Voice Range

C3-G4 ( lite ) Related Charcters

Ai Ikeda ( Slight Crush )


15 Genre

Techno-Pop, Dance

(Plans for other genre-compatible voicebanks are a likely future project)

Homepage Project Homepage 





MP3 Player, Headphones Creator Myth-P






Picture Link List

Wide's Boxart (By C154)

MMD ModelDA Drawing


September 27 Likes

Pop music, Logic, Socialization,



Media List Youtube



April, 15, 2013 Dislikes

Idiotcy, Paradoxes, Obsessed Fangirls, being called a shota, yaoi



Currently does not have one.

Personality: Is usually calm and cool when not provoked. Has a really bad obsession with Pop music.It's rumored that he has never taken his headphones off since he had put them on. They are said to be waterproof. He hates it when people call him a shota because he thinks that kind of thing is disgusting.


Hair Color: Green

Eye Color: Emerald

Outfit: See box art

Nationality/Race: Unknown

Tsukekuru Wide CV lite Download:


  • He has a free single toned CV Japanese voicebank that can be downloaded for free on his website
  • In his PRO pack, which is $70, will include his PRO Japanese voicebank, which has a large vocal range, contains some extra vocals, VCV vocals, and more samples from the voice provider; an ENG voicebank, with a full english library that is equivlent to that of an English Vocaloid, as well as some VC vocals for dipthong and consonant correction; a CV-VC Spanish voicebank; the Instrument and Sound effect boxes ( See description above ); and will cover the cost of any and all future Tsukekuru Wide Voicebanks
  • His English voicebank will be made as an equivlent to a Vocaloid English voicebank. This voicebank will likely take a long matter of time to complete
  • He is also due for a voicebank in Modeltalker, a text-to-speech program created to speak for those who are losing the ability to speak, or already have lost it, it is not decided whether this will come with his UTAU package, a totally seperate package, or distribute it for free
  • There is a possibilty he'll get a voicebank specifically for Garageband, and UTAU Synth, but this likely won't happen anytime soon
  • This VB is meant for beginners and professional, he will have many extra vocals to work with, making it easier to manipulate and should work with most ust.'s without the possibility of it skipping notes, however, his English voicebank will be more directed toward professional users, specifically those familiar with the English Vocaloid interface

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