Tsukune ACT 2

Tsukune Kusakabe

Kusakabe Tsukune

(Japanese: 日下部つくね)


Kusakabe means- Grass/Wallbarier

TYPE: UTAUloid Smashloid




RELATED CHARACTERS Setsuna Kobayashi (Older Brother)  

Aido Ishiame (Rival)

AGE 18 GENRE Soft, Pop, Traditional HOMEPAGE None
WEIGHT 130 kg CHARACTER ITEM Coca-Cola CREATOR Devster77 (SmashB123)
HEIGHT 175 cm VOICE SOURCE Devster77 PICTURE LINK LIST (Looking for place to add photos)
BIRTHDAY June 23 1995 LIKES Anime/Manga,Video Games,Reading MEDIA LIST YOUTUBE

December 4th 2013 (Alpha)

January 23 2014 (ACT 1.5)

DISLIKES Stupid Jokes, Stupid Questions, People who pick on others SIGNATURE SONG

Cowardly Montblanc (Alpha Release Song)

Paradichlorobenzene (ACT 1.5 Release Song)

I'm a Broken Umbrella (ACT 2.5 Release Song)

Soleil (VCV Release Song)

PERSONALITY: (Creator Personality)

Tsukune's personality is compltely up to the user.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Purple

Outfit: Formal Attire (Up to the user)

Nationality/Ethnicity: Japanese/Caucasian

Voice Configuration

ALPHA- (Use TIPS Resampler for the best result))

CV ACT 1-4- Unreleased (Release N/A)

CV ACT 1.5- (Use TIPS Resampler for the best result))

CV ACT 2.5- (Use TIPS/bkh01 Resampler for the best result))

Tsukune Kusakabe VCV 1.0- (Use TIPS Resampler for best result)

Future Banks

Tsukune Kusakabe CV-VC

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