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(Japanese: 強音真 - つよねしん - Tsuyone Shin)
強音 (Tsuyone - Sound of Strength) - 強 means "strength", and 音 means sound
真 (Shin; True) - A common masculine name in Japan.
TYPE: Yōkuloid
MODEL: Ωmega
AGE 19 GENRE Adaptable HOMEPAGE ???
WEIGHT 69.9 kg (154 lbs) CHARACTER ITEM Giant Pencil CREATOR ZeldaFreak1312
BIRTHDAY June 2, 1993 LIKES Cosplaying, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Rain MEDIA LIST SOUNDCLOUD
RELEASE DATE June 2, 2012 DISLIKES Exercise, Stale Food, Snow SIGNATURE SONG "Donut Hole"

PERSONALITY: Shin's motivation is held with the hopes that he will become world famous. His rise to world fame is already beginning to spread to the United States, where a cover of "Hurting for a Very Hurtful Pain" was uploaded to YouTube. Among his friends, he is known to be a good judge of character, and knows when to back out of a sticky situation or out of a bad deal. He is also known to always be writing and drawing, as he claims to see inspiration everywhere he looks.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Electric Blue
Headgear: N/A
Eye color: Hallowed Orange
Earphones: White with an Hallowed Orange streak on the band and glowing rings on the earpieces
Dress/Outfit: White collarless shirt with Hallowed Orange trim, long, light grey coat with Electric Blue edges, fermata on the back of his coat, khaki pants and brown shoes
Nationality/Race: Japanese

Voice Configuration

The best way to render Tsuyone Shin's voice is with the TIPS resampler, as it cancels out some of the background noise in his files.

LATEST RELEASE: Tsuyone Shin VCV ACT1 (Extended Japanese)

COMING SOON: CV Japanese Append Dark, CV Japanese Append Light


Usage Clause

General Usage Permission - This Utau may be used in any way, but it is requested to keep the songs as clean as possible. If you would like to do a song that is considered "risque" (very sexual and/or violent), or would like to use him for roleplaying games, please consult me through either my YouTube or DeviantArt pages.

Religious/Political Representation - I request that you do not use this Utau for any matters regarding religious or political representation. This might show Shin in a biased or blasphemous way that does not corralate with other people's beliefs.

Feedback Conditions - If you may permit me, I will give positive AND negative feedback on the song you have specified. I, as creator, have unalienable rights to do so, anyway.

Redistribution Conditions - You may not redistribute the Tsuyone Shin voicebank unless I have given permission to do so.

Disclaimer - I am the owner and creator of Tsuyone Shin and Tsuyone Shin Append. Any and all similarities to people, Vocaloids or Utaus (living or dead) are purely coincidential.

All content in this page is maintained and verified by zeldafreak1312, Shin's voicer and creator. All edits to this page should be done with care. The details seen here may be subject to change without prior notice.

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