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(Elphizome; From ελπίζουμε, elpízoume,' meaning 'Hope)
(Tyr; A Norse God of war.)

Neither of these names are strictly a first name and surname, Elphizome, being the name that he was born under; Tyr the name that he took on after adopting his human persona. The name, 'Hope' relates to his constant wishing to be truely human. He had chosen the name 'Tyr' as some sort of contradiction to his personality - possibally in the hope that the name of a War God would lend him some of this strength that he lacks. He would rather be adressed as Tyr, but answers to either.

GENDER Genderess, because of his more demonic attributes, Tyr has no 'parts' of that kind. He thinks of himself as male. VOICE RANGE C3-E5 RELATED CHARACTERS

Ritsu Namine (Idol)

Gaspar Magnagiata (Master and fellow Diamond SUITLOID)

AGE Supposedly 15 GENRE Has no preference to music genres. HOMEPAGE None
WEIGHT ? CHARACTER ITEM Ace of Diamond playing card. CREATOR His Left Eye
BIRTHDAY 28th November LIKES

Emotions. Of any kind. Tyr lives for these human feelings and will do almost anything to obtain them.

MEDIA LIST Youtube and Soudcloud shall be up when his voicebank is completed.
RELEASE DATE Not yet released DISLIKES Suicide. How can people throw away the same humanity that Tyr has worked so hard to obtain? SIGNATURE SONG None yet.

PERSONALITY: Usually silent, Tyr will often find himself 'following' others, and may seem almost incapable of thinking by himself. He has never been to school until now, and knows very little. Despite this, he is a fast learner. Maybe because of his lack of education, Tyr seems a lot more naiive and innocent than other people of his age. He relies heavily on Gasp, his 'Master', and usually feels empty and purposeless without him. He has gotten so good at ignoring his emotions that they no longer seem to apply to him. Tyr goes about life with a detatched attitude, as if he were simply watching a film of someone else.

Supplemental Information

Hair: Pale gold, relatively long, and very thin. It falls to the centre of his back, and must be tied back to do some things.
Eyes: Bright teal or green-blue; heavy-lidded, with long, dark lashes that seem almost unnatural, considering his hair color. They are often shadowed from lack of sleep.
Dress: Quite formal in the way that he dresses; a long-skirted teal waistcoat over a white shirt (of either 3/4 or fulllength sleeves) - a pale yellow tie, with printed pattern of piano keys near the bottom. He has a doubled-over belt of the same piano-key-print, white in colour. He wears knee-length shorts of a brownish colour, the bottom of these rolled up. For footwear, he will either go barefoot, or wear kneelength lace-up boots. Sometimes will wear a yellow scarf/cape, and sometimes is shown with the six wings of a Seraphim (the only remainder of a demonic Aspect.)
Nationality/Race: Demon. Has lived in England for the duration of his 'human' life, so should therefore probably be British.

Tyr is of below-average height, and a slight figure, with narrow hips and shoulders, which make him appear almost feminine. His hair is pale blonde, and hasn't been cut in a long time. It reaches to the centre of his back, and Tyr sometimes has to tie it back to do some things. His skin is quite pale, smooth and free from imprefections. He has a relatively heart-shaped face, though the forehead is relatively narrow. His nose is small, sharp, and slightly upturned. His eyes are a dark shade of green-blue, and have almost unnaturally long and dark lashes, considering his natural hair colour. This gives the effect of simply seeing two wide eyes when you sometimes look at Tyr's face. His ears are small-ish, and pointed at the tips. Something about the way Tyr's face is put together makes him seem younger than he is, and gives the illusion of innocence - something that was dispelled long ago.

Voice Configuration

ACT 1 ( CV. Hiragana with romaji aliases. Tyr whispers creepily to you behind some of the constanants. )

ACT 2 ( VCV which is still being recorded )

Supplemental Information

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