Meaning: Canary Bird, Caged Bird.


KanaRiA is kind hearted and can be shy at times, but she's mainly a fiery type of person who does not give up easily on things she really wants or thinks her friends might need or want. She can be quite mischievous  She really loves sweets almost as much as she loves singing and she also loves to draw even though shes not very good at it. She's very Selfless and would give her life up for any of her friends, shes quite energetic and she can be cold too. But all in all shes just a childish sort of person who gets angry easily especially when people  make comments about her short height. She's also quite childish. Her name comes from the anime Rozen Maiden.


Age: 15. Height: 5'3 1/2. Weight: It's a secret.... Likes: Singing, sweets, friends, drawing, playing pranks on people. Dislikes: rude/ mean people, spicey food, seafood. Brithday: April 7th. Character Item: A cute blue and yellow stripped stuffed bunny. Release date: Unkown. Debute songs: Tokyo Teddy Bear, The World is Mine, Headphone Actor (Yet to be uploaded) Vocal range:
Kana image..
248.9 Hz (B3)

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