What is an ALEloid?

An ALEloid is an UTAU who's race is one of a different planet. Midoko Asuna for example, is not a human but infact from the (Nonexistant. The planet was made up.) planet of Teroku.


All ALEloids have their code number imprinted on their upper right thigh. The code number is 4 numerals long with the UTAU's name imprinted underneath. The colour of all codes is red. Any code number is able to be taken, from 0000 to 9999.

UTAUs and Their Code Numbers.

These are all the UTAUs so far that are ALEloid models. If a number is already on the list, you must choose another, as there can only be one UTAU with a code number. The taken code numbers and the UTAU who takes them are as follows:

0220 - Midoko Asuna. Race: Terokan. Page:

  • Midoko Asuna's ALEloid Code Number

To the right is a slide show of all ALEloid's right thighs and their codes.

Becoming an ALEloid

For your UTAU to be an ALEloid, they need to fit this description:

Unhuman - Not born on earth

Not another model type

Pretty small description, huh? For your UTAU to become an ALEloid, you must do this:

1. Contact RanbowPop by leaving a message on her talk page here:

2. In the message, include your UTAU's full name, what code number they would be, their race (so for instance, Midoko Asuna is from Teroku, so her race is Terokan) and what is on your UTAU's upper right thigh.

3. Add a catagory to your UTAU's page: ALEloid

4. Edit your UTAU's model to ALEloid

5. Wait for your UTAU's name to pop up on this page, your UTAU's thigh code to become a part of the slide show and to be sent to you!


Any UTAUs that have been sent to the page "Deceased UTAUloids"^ that are an ALEloid will be removed from ALEloid. If the UTAU is to be maintained and used again, you must go through the signup process again.

^The page "Deceased UTAUloids" is a page made by the creator of this wiki for any UTAUs who's pages have not been edited for over a year.

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