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(I'm sorry for resorting to this, i dont know how to do a grid. I keep messing up with it XD)

Name: Shey MaE

Gender: Female

Age: 14 Years

Weight: 110 lbs

Height: 5' 5"

Birthday: April 4th

Release date: 7/14/2012

Voice Range: C3 - C7

Genre: Rock, some pop

Character Item: Hamburger

Voice Source: SheySheyshadow (SheyShey_Shadow), Sheysheyshadow On youtube, EvangelionUnit113 on Deviantart

Likes: Food, playing around, being online, monster, manhunt, pranking people, being with friends, singing, playing guitar, wrestling, smoothies, baby food

Dislikes: Being hated, being alone for too long, being caged, being pranked, school, veggies

Related characters: N/A

Homepage: N/A

Creator: Sheysheyshadow

Picture link list: Deviantart

Media List:Youtube

Signature song: N/A

Personality: Usually happy-go-lucky, easily annoyed, quick to anger, fun to be around, good sense of humor, loves animals, hydrophobe and a technophobe

Shey has several appends including the following:




Soft (Coming soon!)





Power (Coming soon!)


Whisper (Coming soon!)

And I will release them all in an append pack as soon as possible!!

Also, Shey has several other voicebanks in other languages, such as:





You can download her Japanese voicebank   Here!! Just be sure to contact me on youtube or deviantart and link me what you've done with her!! If not, i will take the voicebank down. 

If you need her transparent art, find it on my DA!

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