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Not mine but this is for a vocaloid promoting so eh

Hello good day/ night to all this is I the creator of SHIKIloids. I have been informed from out facebook organisation that we need more members for more things, we are currently out sourcing. Don't get too excited WE DON'T PAY we are a non profit of UTAU makers that make UTAU voicebanks most of us are all amatures. We learn from eachother's mistakes and form a better voicebank for the public. We are also looking for other members we have a few catagories bellow that will be showing you what we need or want. Remember if you would like to apply for somthing at the bottom page I got links posted. 

Also we all support Kamui Kitano in this organization------->

Supporter/ Supports

Synthesized Reality Productions

SHIKIloid on Facebook


Utau's by Shikiloid

UTAU Produced in Gender Language(s) Voice provider Release date
Ben Kansas Male Japanese McNeill Sep. 15, 2013
N-KUN Kansas Male Japanese McNeill Aug. 15, 2013
NME-CHAN Kansas Female Japanese McNeill Aug. 31, 2013
Shiki Ryaku x Female Japanese [abandoned] Aug. 30, 2013
Kurone Echo x Robot Unknown [redacted] Unknown
Akihiko Chumoku x Male Japanese [abandoned] Sep. 29, 2013
Mikiko Chumoku x Female Japanese [abandoned] Oct. 1, 2013
Suzune Kanon x Female Japanese [redacted] Unknown
Suzune Sekai Kansas Transgender male Japanese McNeill Unknown

Official UTAU Design section

Please abide by the rules on here and if you are looking at the wiki and want to become a member message me in one of the contacts

Section Rules
MMD all requests are finished here everything is strung together. Some of the UTAU's will not get a model upon request either because your design is too hard or they are already working too many if they are working on too many your model may be postponed. This section is the top because it reqires the most work. There may be complains about quality but you did your part they can't get onto you for it. There is a time limit you must complete atleast one of the models in at the least time of a month if you need more time on it contact McNeill.
2d This is where computer editing comes in all the sketching will be sent to the 2d artist, you will complete everyones request in a timely fasion. If somthing is too complicated fine then just send as much as you got done to the other if none of you can do it send the raw sketch to the mmd maker. Time limit for this there is about 2 weeks.
SketchingEveryone will have to sketch this is one of the steps of having an UTAU. You must have an official design done. Sketching has pretty much no rules except No profanity and No hate. After this proccess is done it will be sent to the 2d artist and if the 2d artist can't do it they will pass it around if none of them can they will automaticly send in the raw sketch to the MMD maker. There is no time set your post-poning your own utau not mine.




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Nico nico video



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