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Shareware.txt found at the utau0276 folder

-Singing voice synthesis tool-UTAU ver0.2.76

[Author] norimizu / IRIS [E-Mail] Support [UTAU @ Wiki:

About shareware?? Has published the software as shareware in the Vector No feature restrictions before registration can continue to use the (*) in the. The shareware price is set, especially who comes to feel "high" Continuing to use us as a free software no problem. If you economically can afford, however, and if you continue using and likes the soft Please if you get licensing as a donation to the author is. Can one registering only slightly different appearance of the software free Edition, etc. Not the nature so much as a soft singing voice changes.

尚 、 ある こと する 変更 条件 金額 ・ 機能 制限 ・ 試用 期間 等 の は 、 予告 無く が こと を., by changing conditions such as the amount, limited functionality, and trial period will notice is that the Please consent.

About the payment?? Payment is now accepting DL-MARKET and shared in the Vector. So we cannot any can return unless the price paid is provided for by law Please understand and read the conditions better.


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