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4. Exporting audio to a WAV file

4-1. Exporting only a selection (that was just played) to WAV

After playing once the part you want to export to a WAV file, select "Play" 「再生」 -> "Save last play" 「今聞いたのを保存」 to open the "Save as" screen, then specify the name of the file in which you want to save.

※ UTAU needs to generate a WAV file internally during playback, thus exporting to a WAV file in this way is done immediately.


4-2. Exporting the whole project file to WAV

After saving the project file (the UST file), select "Render WAV file" 「wavファイルを生成」 from "Project" 「プロジェクト」 to export the entire project to a WAV file. If the project file has not been saved, a warning screen like in the image below appears, advising that the WAV file can not be generated.

Reference -> Saving a UST file

※ With this method, the only required operations before exporting to WAV are just to input the notes and rests, and save the project file. You can export even if you did not even play once, but it takes time, while after playback the export time is shorter because the WAV export operation can use the cached files.

4-2wavallsave1 4-2wavallsave2

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