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5. Saving projects to a UST file

5-1. Saving a UST file

Select "Save as" 「名前を付けて保存」 from "File" 「ファイル」 to open the "Save as" window, specify the name of the file in which to save the project, then press the "Save" button after verifying that the file type is "UTAU script format (*.ust)" 「UTAUスクリプト形式(*.ust)」.



5-2. Opening a previously created UST file

Method 1. Double-click the UST file's icon. (Beware that if you have installed an older version UTAU, it is not associated with UST files and the file doesn't open.)

The UST icon up to Ver0.2.49 -> 5-2ustopen1 The UST icon starting from Ver0.2.61 -> 5-2usticonv0261

Method 2. Launch UTAU, select "Open" 「開く」 from the "File" 「ファイル」 menu, then select "Open" from the "Open File" 「ファイルを開く」 screen. You may also open a file with "Recent Files" 「最近使ったファイル」.

Caution: The latest version of UTAU can open the project files (bat file, etc.) that were used in the older versions, but can only save under the UST file format.



5-3. Merging UST files (appending notes)

The images below show how to add the notes "ni ho he to" 「にほへと」 from "nihoheto.ust" 「にほへと.ust」, after the notes "i ro ha" 「いろは」 from "iroha.ust" 「いろは.ust」.

(1). Open "iroha.ust" 「いろは.ust」, then select "Append" 「追加で読込む」 from the "File" 「ファイル」 menu. (It doesn't matter whether notes are selected or not.)

(2). Select "nihoheto.ust" 「にほへと.ust」 in the "Append" 「追加で読み込む」 screen, then press "Open" 「開く」.

(3). The notes "ni ho he to" 「にほへと」 are added after the notes "i ro ha" 「いろは」 from "iroha.ust" 「いろは.ust」.

※ The notes of the appended UST file are always added after the last note or rest. If you want to add notes in the middle, cut and paste the added notes. Reference -> 2-9. Cutting notes and rests/Copy and paste


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