English name/original name: Mikey the wolf

Japanese name/translated name: ミッキー・ザ・オオカミ/Mikkī za ōkami



gender: male

boyfriend: Alex Duel ( )

head gear: ps4 mic connected to his phone witch is connected to a speaker

Mikey the wolf is actually my fursona that I'm making into a utau

art work by Mikey the wolf (me)

Mikey the wolf is a 13 year old wolf who is a gamer that loves attention from other people mostly from his boyfriend Alex Duel and he secretly loves to sing when no one is around he likes to mess around with his close friends mean while he does act serious to new people (mostly adults) just because he doesn't trust new people... (I'm still trying to make his personality/backstory)

if someone is calming to be the owner of Mikey don't call them out or something because don't forget that I'm a furry and this is my fursona so it could be me so just tell me and link me or something to the person and if its me I wont do anything and if its not me and they are trying to clam ownership of Mikey ill deal with it but ill list the accounts that I use mikey on so if that way you will know what I use Mikey on

If you think someone is calming ownership of Mikey the wolf then contact me on my email which is and if the person calming ownershipof mikey the wolf is not me then i will take care of it

update: mikey the wolf is being held back because me and my bf is making another utau that will be mikey the wolf bf his name is alex duel and alex duel is actually my bf fursona that he is also making into a utau

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