They were originally considered Vocaloids as well because of Teto, the pioneer (if not the first UTAUloid), being attempted to pass off as a real Vocaloid. UTAUloids refer to voice banks that work on Vocal Synthesizer Tool UTAU, with accompanying anime-inspired avatars, just like Crypton's Character Voice Series for VOCALOID. The reason for segregating them is to differentiate them from Fanmade Vocaloids that use existing voices and run on Yamaha's Vocaloid and Vocaloid2 platform, or those supplied with actual singing voices. Because UTAU has the ability to manually import voice sounds from WAV files, it is quite easy to create "our own" UTAUloids- which has resulted in a large boom of voice banks from all over the world.

The only restriction in making an UTAUloid is using voice data unwillingly recorded. Why?

If you want to know more about UTAU, click here.

NOTICE: If you are not able to find the Utauloid you are searching, visit Deceased UTAUloids. Utauloids that are inactive for more than a year will be moved for cleanup without notice. If you want to keep your Utauloid alive, please make regular voicebank/homepage/song updates.

Single Language UTAUloids

These are UTAUloids designed to sing in one language only. Commonly they are Japanese UTAUloids, whose filenames are in Kana (Katakana and/or Hiragana). Be warned such filenames will not display correctly in Windows systems without setting non-unicode parsing to Japan.

Countries with significant amounts of UTAU voicebanks for this section are represented separately. Similarly, UTAUloids belonging to a family, common banner or group have independent representations as well.

There is an English-only Single Language UTAUloid below.

Japanese voicebanks produced in Japan

These comprises of voicebanks and voice groups/brands that are produced in Japan.

Japan-produced Single Language UTAUloids using Japanese Language To see a comprehensive list, click here.

VIPPERloids produced in Japan by the denizens of vip@2ch
Teto-icon Ruko-icon Ritsuicon Rook-icon Miko-icon Scottei
Teto Kasane
Ruko Yokune
Ritsu Namine
Miko Ooka
Tei Sukone
Oniko Scott head Unknown-icon Unknown-icon Unknown-icon Unknown-icon
Oniko Hinomoto
Scott (UTAU)

Nakamiya Family of Single Language Japanese UTAUloids by Tami Sato
Rita-icon Sudume-icon Grandpa-icon Unknown-icon Unknown-icon Unknown-icon
Rita Nakamiya
Sudume Nakamiya
Grandpa Nakamiya

Shirakane Family of Single Language Japanese UTAUloids by Hiyori Takashira
Hiyori-icon Hinataicon Hikariicon Himeka-icon Unknown-icon Unknown-icon
Hiyori Shirakane
Hinata Shirakane
Hikari Shirakane
Himeka Shirakane
Hisui Shirakane