Damtendo Williams, Is a japanese UTAUloid and was released on september 10,2017 he features a CV voicebank and will soon use english words with his voicebank when he is singing unlike some UTAU's he does not copy his voice from anyone else. his personality is a bit calm as well and loves other UTAU characters. he loves Defoko from UTAU. he gets along with her very well and shows very kindhearted behaviors. his voice range varies from each syllable he is recorded with. this voicebank version is SOFT. Use a reverb/Echo function to make the voicebank echo when using in a audio mixer.... this is to make it sound well used. info at bottom

name: UTENDO V1.1

age: 15

date created: July 7th-2017(new UTAUloid)

voice range: G#2~B4

favorite item. Headphones

gender: Male

voicebank version: Normal/Soft

favorite food: pizza

voice actor: Wdamtendo

author: Damtendo's Vocaloid Channel(On google Plus)

race: Black

Hair color: blue

any art on body: none

related to any vocaloid character/UTAULOID- Cyber Songman

eye color: black

does character have art: yes(On page

Model Number-**CV44 UTAUloid

download here:

Onlinelogomaker-051217-1440-3384 (1)

Damtendo Williams

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