Uchiha Irene

(Japanese: うちはイレネ - Uchiha Irene)
(Uchiha): one reading of 'uchiwa', meaning 'lantern'.
(Irene): comes from the Greek word 'Irena' meaning 'peace'.
GENDER  Female  VOICE RANGE  E4~E6  RELATED CHARACTERS   Itô Kazuo (released)

Kazene Rya


WEIGHT  64 kg CHARACTER ITEM  Random ghosts and demons CREATOR  GothAmaterasu (Irena)
HEIGHT / MEASUREMENTS  175 cm VOICE SOURCE   Írena (GothAmaterasu) PICTURE LINK LIST Deviantart picture by Shirahime
BIRTHDAY  Unknown  LIKES Mythology, horror, fighting, singing, fear, long hair, logic, Shogi, Karate, rock. MEDIA LIST YouTube
RELEASE DATE  May 26th, 2013 DISLIKES Doubt, death, uncertainty, discrimination, stereotypes, mirrors. SIGNATURE SONG  Nononono!

PERSONALITY: She's calm, dependent and logical. She may appear cold because of her straight-forwardness. She's also strangely cheerful... She values trust so much, that she tends to never make promises.

When 14, she lost a precious friend. Throughout the year she researched human resurrection, and figured it was possible; if she could recreate his body, she could possibly bring him back. Irene is reasonable, but at that time, she had to try. I will leave that to your own imagination how she gathered a body, but let me tell you, she was desperate.
Somehow, she knew, that through a certain ritual, she could do it.

But what was summoned, sure as hell wasn't her friend. (Get it...? Hell?...No? XD)
It was a figure, so terrifying to gaze upon, that she has now no recollection of it's appearance. But one thing's sure; it was terrifyingly similar to her deceased friend.
When she came to, being rushed to the hospital, her face had been ripped open, and her hand was missing.
Ever since, she could see creepy things that shouldn't be there. She could see death. And since she had come so close to it, there's nothing she fears more.

After the incident, she finds that a figure follows her around, saying it's "protecting her"... Though not the same figure from before, she's sure. This one calls itself Kazuo.

Now, she spends her time singing, relaxing... But her life isn't over.

That thing that she summoned is still lurking around.

Voice Configuration

Her Japanese CV (monopitch) voicebank has been released which does not support kana. Please note that a few sounds are missing, including 'hya hyu hyo' and 'bya byu byo'. No flags are necessary.

Irene CV ACT 2 might happen. It will likely be a clearer monopitch and/or a multipitch.

Irene CVVC coming up! It will include 3 pitches, + 2 soft + 2 power.

5 pitch VCV Kire coming soon! (eventually) demos can be found on my YouTube, GothAmaterasu c:

3 pitch VCCV English coming soon! May or may not be released. Demos can be found on my SoundCloud and soon YouTube.

7 tripitch VCCV voicebanks will happen, further uptades regarding that will be made it's a lot of work though ;w;

[NOTE: The 'clean' version of her bank has her unnecessary sounds erased. I will eventually remake her voicebank]

CV Romaji: Uchiha Irene ACT 1

CV [CLEAN] Romaji: Uchiha Irene ACT 1.1

CV Serious Multipitch:

VCV Monopitch:

Kire really really early BETA:

Supplemental Information

Hair Color: Greenish blue

Hair Style: wavy

Headgear: none

Eye color: black

Outfit: a blue, black and white gothic/wa Lolita dress, black socks,

Nationality/Race: Japanese

Favorite Phrase: "Knowledge is power."

Designed by: GothAmaterasu and Shirahime

Official Art and Outfit By: PeachiePieArt/Shirahime from Deviantart

She now has a MMD model created by FallenHeaven!

This UTAU page is maintained by GothAmaterasu, information here may be subject to change without prior notice.

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