Ume Yamashita (梅山 下) is a happy girl. She likes see the good side of things, singing, reading mangás, watching animes and playing video games. Her favorite game is Super Mario, she loves he! She feels a little passion for Kagamine Len (鏡 音 レン) too, but it is secret!   A UTAU unprofessional intend to win the world! - Says the creator, Zumi-chan. Scheduled for people who want to use UTAU - both for covers or original songs, Ume is perfect! Your sweet voice conquer anyone who listened!!


Ume Yamashi (梅山 下) is a UTAU voicebank, so only works in voice synthesizer: UTAU. The UTAU download is disponible here.The downloading of Ume Yamashi (梅山 下) is free! Knowing that should be respected the terms of use required. The beta version will be available indefinitely - until they update will take a while. 

  • The download is by 4shared, so you must create an account on the website, you can do so here.
  • You also need a RAR decompressor. We recommend WinRAR, you can download it here.

Voice configuration

Ume's voicebank is configured in CV, read romanji and hiragana, but the BETA version (1.0) does not have alias and frequency. 

You can listen a demo song here

More about


Questions                                   Answers
Likes Sleep, eat candies, play video games, animes, Kagamine Len, friends, listen to music, dance, olives, Mario Bros, mushroons, panda, Yoshi, pizza, Spoonge Bob.
Desllikes Kagamine Rin, read, lasagna, orange, loud sounds, Megurine Luka, homework , school, war, love.
Age 15 years old
Iten Mushroom and loop
Favorite foods Mushroom soup, tomatoes soup, olives, mushroom pizza, salad, roasted potatoes.
Hair color Sky blue
Favorite Colors Blue, read and white
Eyes color black, but in rainy days it's gray

Kagamine Len (she loves he),

Kasane Teto (firend)

Akita Neru (friend)

Momone Momo (friend) 

 <--- This is Ume Yamashita (梅山 下)

*Web site:
**Download here:

Terms of use

  • Arts of free publicity without any commercial intent, such as covers Youtube videos, fan art, cosplay or any artistic-visual.
  •  The arts officers as wallpaper, concept art and chibi, can be freely used, cut, edited and published since have link to the homepage of the project UME 
  •  Any job imprint offensive as racism or pornography, or any expression that does not respect the public order is expressly prohibited. - Any image theft, defamation of character or action in the public domain in bad faith towards authors or administrators of this project is expressly prohibited. 
  •  The image of Ume for commercial distribution of any kind that is not officially conveyed to Zumii-chan require prior approval of the administration's legal team site. 
  •  Banks voice for UTAU of Ume are free to use for non-commercial works. 
  •  Any work to be included on CDs or DVDs should contact the staff of the project before taking the project forward.
  •  The creations are the sole responsibility of its creator, but the Zumii-chan does not allow any kind of offensive content, the creator keeps the right not to be responsible for works, whether imprint visual, written or audible showing offensive content 

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