Unsorted/incomplete UTAUloids are released voicebanks, or character pages found in the UTAUloids page that does not have Voicebanks listed for whatever reason. They are stored here temporarily.

Voicebanks with dead links

The following voicebanks had downloads previously working, but now does not.

Maki icon
Unknown-icon Unknown-icon Unknown-icon Unknown-icon Unknown-icon
Eru Eiga
Maki Takano (貴野マキ)

Posted profile pages without download links

Posted profile pages in UTAUloids that does not have download links either in the page itself or in the homepages linked.

Koune Takashi Kiyo Lulu-icon Ttly setsuna Unknown-icon Unknown-icon Unknown-icon
Takashi Koune
Kiyoshi Mizumaru
Lulu Bakakoe
Setsuna Sasaki (ささきせつな笹刹那)

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