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Unzipping Japanese Voicebanks In Ubuntu

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Most UTAU voicebanks are zipped, and many are Japanese. Problem is the default zip tool in Ubuntu turns these files' and folders' names into gibberish. .

7zip en

1. Needed Files

A zipped voicebank with Japanese file and folder names. In this example I will use TETO-Tandoku

2. Unzipping the Bank

Open a terminal, cd to the folder with the bank and run:

unzip -O shift-jis

and that will do it! I had a real complicated method but I kept playing with it until it worked.

3. Results and Tips

Your voicebank will now unzip with the proper file names.However, this only is an issue with .zip voicebanks. If you compress your files with either the .7z or .rar format it actually stores the character encoding into the zip file itself, so it is easier to unzip them. For this reason I reccomend that UTAU enthusiasts compress their files with in the .7z or .rar format.

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