THIS VOICEBANK IS NOT FOR DOWNLOAD. I'm going to add a picture in the placeholder when I sort out the technology mess. When my brother feels that he's lost enough blood and doesn't want me to pound his head into the wall anymore, he'll tell me where he put our shared mic so I can record this.


Name: Kokoro Ureshii (Eastern-order)

Meaning of Name: (Western-order): Happy Heart

Gender: Female

D.O.B.: 12/21/1991

Blood Type: AB+

Age: 22

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 100.6 bs.

Ethnicity: white

Hair color: blonde

Eye color: mint green

Personaity: happy, go-getter, hepful, fun-loving, quirky, funny

Relations and Acquaintances: Kodomo Byouki, friend; TRAP Oji, friend; Aruno Kiruya, friend; Jorudan Kamiru, friend; Shukitsu Shikachi, friend; Thresh, friend; ExectLine, friend; Ikaru Kokoro, twin

Likes: nature; outdoor sporting; singing; video games, chiefly first-person shooters; wolves; songbirds; traveling

Dislikes: urban sprawl; hunting; loud, obnoxious noise; friendship drama; smelly socks; jury duty; pessimism

Character Item: rainbow-striped bouncy-ball

Catch Phrase: "Need a hand or need two?"

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