I Shared A Kiss With Hatsune Miku U T A U Okubyona Usa03:45

I Shared A Kiss With Hatsune Miku U T A U Okubyona Usa

Usa okubyona

Usa's looks and outfit

Usa Okubyona Is A Blooming-loid and belongs to miki-sama or utauflowers! Usa Is gentle and kind he's really shy! He's In love with Ami, and has been since childhood.

How Usa Looks

He has blonde hair and red eyes with clip on bunny ears, he has a black ripped up shirt with a yellow undershirt


Mako Umi-Annyoing Friend/Fellow Blooming-Loid

Reiki Sakurane-Cuddle Buddeh:3 

Miyo Ogawane-Awesome Friend

Miya Ogawane- Good Friend/Colleague 

Kamoku - Friend /thinks shes adorable

Riku Kokka- Protective of him/friend

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