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Creator: NatsumeRaiko

Usagi03 by NatsumeRaiko

Supplement Information

Name: Usagi03

Birth Date: May 17

Age: 16 years

Height: 5'2" (159cm)

Weight: 98lbs (44.5kg)

Eye Color: Black

Hair color: Black/Brown

Nationality/Race: Chinese-Canadian


UTAU creation:

  • Parts of Usagi03's personality and her physique was based off of her creator.


  • Her favourite food is tomatoes.
  • She grew up an only child and has an obnoxious/playful attitude.
  • Usagi03 is childish at times and playful at heart although she can do a complete 180° and act mature and emotionless when needed.
  • Academically and street smart yet a complete clutz when it comes to sports with the exemption of track and martial arts. Musically talented as a self-taught piano player and can play a variety of musical instruments mainly; the flute, trumpet, and electric guitar.
  • Major otaku and unintentionally learnt Japanese through watching too much anime.

Creators notes:

  • No, she does not have one leg. She is balancing on one leg so the other leg is hiding behind her shirt.
  • The amount of fingers being held up counts to three, foreshadowing the three in her name as well as her favourite number.

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