• ATOC:Andy

    Acutally I was going to record Natsu Onsei's voicebank but I surrendered so I did Peter's voice instead because his voice is much more easier to control. =v=

    He's suppose to be an English UTAU but I don't know how to pronounce some of the English syllables. u_u

    So~ His voicebank is Japanese! xD

    He don't have a design yet~ =w= I have a draft of his design but it's so unoriginal! ;A;

    Currently, I only recorded the vowels~ =v= and when I tested his voice in UTAU without an oto.ini of course >.> he sounded . . . girly not shotaish EVE even with a -g ._. I will re-do it, should I? ouo

    Anyone, please help me make an oto.ini for him because I dunno how u_u

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  • ATOC:Andy


    December 22, 2011 by ATOC:Andy


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