aka Linny~!

  • I live in wonderland
  • I was born on November 15
  • I am female
  • Animevampirered

    i oranganally wanted to buy vocaloid but for now i am using utau. i am in the process of making a female utau charecter called mika yoi witch translates to: new moon evening. i am going to draw my charecter so it will be my own creation. i am also fairly new at this so this is my first time useing utau and my first time creating a character on the pc. i like listening to vocaloid and recomend for you to listen to it to, for it helps me to create songs and beats on the utau program.

    if you have any recomendations for me i would be glad if you would tell me. please comment and like my profile.

    all the best, animevampirered. ;)

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