• Berinrin

    After a long pause I finally updated the voicebank again (=w=)/ (I only changed the oto though, since the voicebank was already recorded cv-vc-style) I love how the choppy-ness of her cv bank almost fully disappeared now with the vc samples

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  • Berinrin

    Beryll got a new voicebank update~

    I made a few more songs, check out Beryll's Wikipage~

    I released Beryll's Act 2 voicebank! --->

    I finally started working on the other utau's I had planned~ But I need help so please check out this forum thread. I also made a new song!

    Another Testsong of Beryll's Act2~ This time I tried that new resampler tn_fnds it's great! --->

    I made two test songs for Beryll's upcoming Act2! You can find them on her Wikipage~

    I made a new song~ This time it's Shinkai Summit!

    I made a video for my new Saihate cover~ Check it out

    I'm re-doing a few songs to get better at mixing. here's the new version of my Saihate cover

    BH has a Tumblr blog now!

    I added a new so…

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