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Beryll Heliodora 10th September 2013

Berinrin September 10, 2013 User blog:Berinrin

After a long pause I finally updated the voicebank again (=w=)/ (I only changed the oto though, since the voicebank was already recorded cv-vc-style) I love how the choppy-ness of her cv bank almost fully disappeared now with the vc samples <33 You can find the DL on her Wiki-Site, I uploaded a demo song here. What i noticed though, is that the preutterance of the cv samples need to be halved if theres a vc sample before them, or it will sound weird! Her Morganitia-Update is almost done, we just need to find a color-scheme for her design, I also recorded a Power-voicebank for her already~

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