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well this sucks. I need some help, if you please. With UTAU.

I have a set way that Idate's voice is made [normally] with Ruko's voicebank. After countless attempts, it appears that Ruko hates me. Her voicebank refuses to work on my UTAU program.

Which sucks. I would have made a song for Idate already, but with an uncooperative voicebank I am unable to do so. I absolutely HATE asking people to make things for me, but if you have Ruko's voicebank and it works, would anybody mind helping me give Idate her debut song? I really hate to ask, but I've tried so many times for so long. Nearly none of the voices I downloaded work, only Teishoune Ibu's voice works for now.

I really do hate asking. :< And I'm going to get this out of the way as well: Sorry about being a bitch abou the failed utauloids page. I need therapy. OTL

Anyway, um... s-sorry for asking. I'll just leave now.

/slinks away and buries self in underground tunnel

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