Space log: 11/24/10
PROJECT- Maria Jardin

PROJECT: Rosa Jardin

Well, I posted up her info in the proposed UTAUs and hopefully by New Years she'll be in the WIP bin. The singer I got to do her voice is very talented; she doesn't have much formal training though. Her voice is suited for opera styled singing, so this UTAU will obviously have a future in opera styled music. The only draw back is that the singer I got isn't fluent in any of the languages that 'Rosa' will be singing in, but no worries, I'm teaching her how to pronounce each word and she's got the hang of the Spanish ones already. If she has any trouble with the words, I'll probably end up doing them. However, my voice is suited for opera and country music, and I have had formal training.

I'm having the singer record about twelve sounds needed for a beta song I'm going to put together. It should be out in a week or two.

I'm also working on much clearer concept art for her; considering the one she currently has is mostly blocked by a guitar.

We also have a guy to make the music. He's really handy with music software.

The name hunt for her is still going on. 'Rosa Jardin' will most likey not be her name; the project was entitled that because the name means 'Rose Garden' in Spanish. Her name will probably be released onces we finish her voice bank in mid 2011.

Any updates on PROJECT: Rosa Jardin will be posted on my blog so keep an eye out.

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