aka Jillie-Chan

  • I live in Buffalo NY
  • I was born on July 4
  • My occupation is School
  • I am I'm gender queer but my birth gender is Female
  • Jillie-chan

    Character backgrounds.


    Sue/stew is a MTF transgender teenager. Ever since she was little, she loved dresses, long hair, make up, and most importantly, May. May is her now her love interest. Sue is a very confident MTF, often gloating that she has better looks than half the girls in her school and saying she could beat them all in a beauty contest. Often enough, Sue is daydreaming about being a girl with a good sized chest and being with the love of her life, May. She is sometimes seen as too confident and often gets bullied. She comes up with quick remarks but sometimes, it really gets to her, ESPECAILLY when in the locker room with the boys who mock him calling him a freak. She often goes to May and tells her about all the things t…

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  • Jillie-chan

    Everyone knows about appends, right? Well! Ashlen now has her very own "Shy" append!! W00t! Right now I am in the oto'ing phase. I don't have much left to do. Infact, I should be finished within the first hour of being home. I'm so excited! I'll check in when I get home :)

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  • Jillie-chan

    Currently I am writing to you during my resource time, dig this, SUMMER SCHOOL! WEEE! Not. I honestly don't understand why I'm here because I did not fail anything and I have no classes. The only good thing about it is that it gets me out of the house. So, my dear friends and UTAU family, I am writing to you so that you can experience this dull, meaningless time too. I apoligize for mispelled words, I don't have spell check on here nor do I know where a dictoinary is.

    So, here I am in class doing nothing when I could be doing a VCV bank for Ashlen for the fourth time in a row in two weeks. Yes. Fourth. Time. Why so many times? Well! The first on, my voice shook and it made her sound TERRIBLE. The second time, my voice still was shakey so I …

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