Ill-Chan (meaning:Ill=sick/feeling sick)


Voice Source:Arisa





Release Date:Not Yet :3

Character Item:Bandage

Personality:Ill-chan is a sick girl,who never shows her face and never talk to the others.Ill-Chan never want anyone to know her age,because her sickness make her age grow slowly.. She's a half human because she is reincarnated again and again because of her sickness that makes her dead in the past life.Her bandages cover the virus spot because she dont want anyone get her sickness.She already reincarnated 100 time.she reincarnated per,when today she's dead,tomorrow she cameback again.She actually a kind person. Information:Dress:Pink mini-dress with black button on the front side,some bandage on her right lower-arm                      and bandage on her left foot.                   Hair Color:Purple Magenta                   Earphone:NONE                   Nationality:Half Human Still don't know how to post her voicebank..but,her voicebank sucks,you don't need it :3 I'm her author btw.. :3 

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