Thanks to the use TheSentinentMachine, I know how to make the wiki pages for my UTAUs correctly.

Thank GOD, considering I made another UTAU. I have a total of 3, but only 2 have actual pages, because Marley Mojine's mirror, Maverick Mojine, needs a redesign. An old friend of mine designed him, so I cannot distribute the model, considering I don't think she'd let me and we don't even talk to each other anymore. Shouldn't be too hard, however, considering I've figured out the Jukeloid family's designs.

The first two that I've actually been distributing have a cyber mix theme. Marley Mojine has a more Cyber-casual theme, and Amai is more Cyber-lolita, though it doesn't really look like it. I don't know how to make things properly AutoLuminous enabled on MikuMikuDance, for Amai's whole body shines extremely bright whenever I use AutoLuminous on her. I have plenty to learn.

In other news, TheSentinentMachine aliased Amai's bank, which I couldn't thank them enough for doing, considering I can't really change the locale on my computer without messing the whole system up. They also said they'd alias Marley Mojine's bank for me to. I can't thank them enough ;w; orz

Windows 8 still has plenty of problems. It seems like the even numbers from HP are cursed or something. It won't let me do a lot of things it seems. Oh well, no big deal.

...That's about it.

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