Information about her

Hhitorinbo envy

Koe is CollDere XD

Name: Koe

Age: 15

Birthday: Oct. 9

Nationality: Thai/Japannese

Race: Girl Doll

Related Characters

- Koeto [Older twins]

- Hideki [Little Brother]

Release Date: since Mach 17, 2016

Signature Song: World is Mine

Creator and Voice Sourcer: MiDoRi-KUN


Now she can sings in Japanese only And she have just CV

Koe CV

VB DL: [1]

Voice Sample: [2]

Character Design

Koe Chibi


Maybe she look like Miku XD But she dosen't coppy Miku :D

Hair Color: Dark Blue

She Have Antenna on her head XD

Eyes Color: Mint

Shirt: Hazel with Green Heart in the shirt

Skirt: Hazel

Hood: Gray with Green Heart in the Hood

Belt: White with Green Heart in the Belt

Socks: Hazel

Concept ART

Consept koe

Kor Consetp

Usage Clause

1.If you will gonna use her voicebank,you have to credit me MiDoRi-KUN

2.DON'T steal any of her voicebank!!!!

3.Free to download [in every VB]

4.Don't claim 

Koeas yours

5.Don't steal Koe’s design to make your UTAULOID

6.Don't make any pitchbank from her

7.Don't steal and sell any voicebank,a distributor is MiDoRi-KUN ONLY!!!! :D

All pictures creat By me [MiDoRi-KUN]

Please do not change any info.

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