So!! This will be my first blog post here :-D 

I'm still rather new to the UTAU community, but I hope to fit in soon!

Anyway, I suppose I should write down some updates?? updates here :lc

I still haven't finished oto-ing Valen[cei]'s VCV.. there's also a string missing and I'm too lazy to record it >:/ I'm still not sure if I should combine the CV with the VCV. I probably won't since it'd take longer to render. furthermore I also completely oto-ed and designed Royann! yay! I'll be making a page for him soon ; w; I have yet to draw a fullbody ref for both Valen[cei] and Royann, but those aren't really necessary I suppose.. I mean, I rarely see a fullbody ref on any of the pages here! Before I can make a page for Royann I'll have to finish his Readme file first of course.. I want to have a download link up the very moment I finish the page or I won't be able to sleep peacefully LMAO

So that's it for now, is this how you're supposed to write a blog post? hmmmmm

OH! Also, I will be adding Moriloids to the UTAU groups (???) page after I finish Royann! I still have to wait for Luka and possibly Jijo to complete their UTAU's, but this is definitely gonna be a thing. I'll have lots of relationship page updates to do when they finish them lol

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