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Changing alias-name xD

Well konbawa minna-san...

Mizuki is here~ I know its the first time writing blog in here xD

Let's to the point... eto... I'm changing alias name since honorofic '-chi' is bit didn't fit me well so from now its no longer 'Mizuki-chi' again.. but RunningMan-Mizuki. (since I love watching Running Man :p Kwang-Soo-oppa and Ji-Hyo-shii daisuki >.< //bletak)

Probably I will taking a break about making a voicebank or seldom uploading my UTAU covers for while~ :)

since its my first semester on collage, its quiet tired me a bit. -___-"

However, Haruka's and Mizuki's FINALE voicebank will be released at same time. I'm still in middle picking which cover song suited them for their voicebank released via YT or SC.

I knew already, due still lacks on drawing their character like everyone else I'm using WMM only xD but someday I will make their character design via digital art and my own PV.

Btw, thanks to Neru-chan2014 and RikiDota2 for making pics of both Haruka and Mizuki for their FINALE voicebank. Let's play DN and Dota 2 together again~ :3 //plak

Thanks again~ ^-^

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