Template:Utau Info  (Sakura Kauro) is a character free UTAU.

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Sakura Kauro is 15 and she is a cat girl and she love to sing all day = さくらいおld s 15 dあんしぇぉヴぇとぁいんand pめくあてがめs ^.

Hello there! I am サ ク ラ か う ろ e. You are now my master! I will sing for you.

I am fifteen years old and I am an aspiring singer, though I do not feel confident about my singing. I really hope you enjoy it though !! My voice is high Sometimes, DEPENDING ON what song I am Asked to sing. I do not sound too good With low songs, so please try not to make me sing them.

I hope you enjoy you're time with me! Thank you for installing my voice bank.

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