Aiko Sankashu

    三歌手 愛こ 

Aiko Profile Picture


Name translation:

Aiko can roughly translate to "Cute child" or "Lovley child" though, word for word "Love Child" 

San-Kashu: 3 singer, refering to hir Big brother and sister, who are also utaus, who share the same last name (3 singers, 3 utauts)




1/4 cat 3/4 human

(Girl as a human voice)


Aiko San-Kashu

Marisa San-Kashu

AGE 9 years GENRE Bouncy, Fast, Pop Love HOMEPAGE
WEIGHT  76 lbs. CHARACTER ITEM(S) Cat doll CREATOR Wyatt ******, Big brother's voice provider


VOICE SOURCE Wyatt ******, Last name sencored. Also known as heydude14Tutorials on youtube PICTURE LINK LIST there is no official looks for Waiatto- Please dont make one as the creator is working on it.
BIRTHDAY Sep. 17th 2004 LIKES

My little ponys. Goofing off. Having fun

Media list
Release date N/a School. "booring people". Teachers. SIGNATURE SONG (does not own song but is always huming it) PONPONPON
PERSONALITY: Aiko, as she is still a chi;d has many childish qualities, she still hasnt quite grown out of the bossy stage. She ussualy puts others before herself. 

a == Hair color: Dark brown, with lighter brown Supplemental Information=='Headgear: A kitty had that goes down so far that it has pockets to slip her hands into Eye color: Green Dress:She wears a pink shirt that goes down verry far. Along with purple jeans that are almost skinny 'Others: Ajeans but leave a little rooml.Under no situation accept for sleeping will she take her cat hat off, there are rumors that she has cat ears underneath Nationality/Race:Cat/American/Italian/Irish/Dutch Favorite phrase: (only sasys this to brother) Whats up you big nut log?

Voice ConfigurationEdit

Aiko currently and probably only will be, Available in V.1 because of the child voice provider who cant quite sing every note the same. (sorry, The voice sounds kinda cute already though)

you can download aiko here:

update may be made.

Usage Read the rules below carefully and use the voicebanks at your own risk. The voicebanks are designed for UTAU, yet there is no limitation on using the voicebanks on voice synthesis programs other than UTAU.


Redistribution Redistrubition is not allowed- Unless aproved by heydude14Tutorials on youtube

Commercial Use Please ask heydude14Tutorials on youtube before doing any thing of the sort

Please, Do not make small change like making her voice a little higher/deeper then saying you made an utau. I will be verry mad but i will not make you take down the video, It will be verry frowned upon if you do this.

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