Waiatto, Marisa and Aiko Sankashu are all finished! Wyatt has additional english sounds where as Aiko and Marisa have only about 120 japanese sounds. Marisa has a few bugs that unfortuanatley couldnt be fixed. The bugs are: Her ka ki ku ke ko and ma mi mu me mo are slightly off pitch, the k's are 2 notes to high and the M's are 1 note to high, Thas can be easily fixed in a ust. Anyway, in case you are wondering here is all the kanji names

Waiatto SanKashu (sankashu waiatto): 三歌手 ワイアット : Waiatto is japanese pronunciation for Wyatt

Marisa SanKashu (sankashu marisa): 三歌手 マリさ : The last name "San-Kashu" translates to 3 singer

Aiko SanKashu (sankashu aiko): 三歌手 愛こ : Aiko translates to roughly "Cute child" or "Lovley Child"

I might and might not be working on different voicebanks like Strong, Scream, Whisper etc. in the future however this all depends on how much homework my teachers give me (lol). If i do end updoing this, I can almost be positive i will not do it with Aiko as she was extremley hard to work with (hey, she is a freaking 9 year old dont be hard on her). I will be going over their voicebanks tonight fixing all the bugs i can. I want to have them released to public within the next month. They will all be free. Here are links to all of the San-Kashu's first songs

Waiatto San-Kashu in Coward montblanc:

Marisa San-Kashu in PoPiPo:

Aiko San-Kashu in PONPONPON:

I am so sorry if you dont like any of these songs, cause they are really hard worked on voicebanks and it took me like 5 hours to make Waiatto 3 1/2 for Marisa and  maybe 4 for Aiko!!!! Anyway here is some credit to the voice providers:

Waiatto was provided by: Wyatt ****** , his youtube channel/ my channel is heydude14tutorials

Marisa was provided by: Alyssa *******, Her youtube channel is funandfunstuff

Aiko was provided by: Gillian ******, She is to young to have a youtube channel XD

Waiatto and marisa's voicebanks are encoded in Romji AND hiragana and Aiko's so far is in romaji.

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