Minna-san, konnichiwa!

So I've made a cover for Violet. I've finished it. But then, my loyal illustrator, richarddogi can't make a single drawing. Why?

Because her dad took the wacom tablet she used to make drawings to his office.

Or so she told me.

And when I told her to use traditional media instead, she said her friend borrowed her coloring pencil.

Or so she told me.

I don't even know anymore.

And I can't upload the song without a drawing.


Anyway, I'm planning to use Macne Sasayaki into my UTAUSynth. I've tried to use it on GarageBand, but it didn't turned out well.

But my question is, are you even allowed to do it? I mean, after you purchased it or downloaded it or whatever, it was yours, right? But is it legal to use it on UTAU?

I hope somebody answer my question.


Wait, tomorrow is Monday! Yeeeeaaay!!!


I'm crying inside.

Wait, no homework! Yeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaayy!!!


The teacher's like, "kay, we've finished the unit. You can get back to your computer. But first, answer these 40 questions in your writing book. Don't forget to write the entire questions as well *trollface*."


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