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Waltt is a brown and white cat.waltt has brown hair,one blue eye and one red eye. Waltt's gender is a male.he is 17 years old. His height is 6'4.he is muscluar.waltt's last name is braxton.he wares a black sleeveless jacket with a hoodieand brown shorts with red on the bottom.he also wares black arm bands around his rist and he wares red bands with a black eletric bolt on is ankles.he likes kammy,pizza,red,his family,and his team.he dislikes trigon,t-bone,and grlic.he has blue elictric powers and teligraphic powers.when he uses his powers three gaint blue eletric bolts apper behind him.when he was created august/12/2013,release date june/2/2017

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