I, yayamiho-chan, will be making an Utau chorus version of the gorgeous song "Scissorhands" <333 The utau has to know how to read hiragana, have a CV voicebank, not have any accents or have japanese ones and be recorded with a decent mic. 1 utau per person, please. If you want to know just how I'll make it a chorus, here:  

To ask for a spot leave a message with this in:

Utau's name:


Utau page:



About the parts, I'll be following the images on the video:

Luka. Taken by Luna Asta (yayamiho-chan)

Gumi. Taken

Rin. Taken by Mizuki Kurosaki (Mizuki-chan93)

Len. Taken by Naohiro (Hoshi178)



Meiko. Taken

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