• Yugane286

    Alice Yun

    February 28, 2014 by Yugane286

    The original voicebank has blue hair and wears a dress that is a plain gray

    The Append Easy has purple hair and has gone through some modifications since her beta design

    The Append False Strong has green hair and wears a green dress (there are modifications)

    The Append Twisted has a dress of galaxies, black hair that fades to galaxies, is eyeless due to the face having black holes on it. A shawl is worn to conceal some unknown things lying inside the being, and the "arms" are made of dark matter. It has no legs, feet, eyes, or hands.

    Alice Yun is an UTAU created by yugane286 (her new youtube is here)

    Alice Yun (original) sometimes is called a boy by mistake because of her deep voice when singing

    Currently she has three appends released: Append E…

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