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  • I am nya
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    July 12, 2012 by Yukinautau

    I am having a drawing contest, whoever can draw my Utauloids

    Yukina neko, Yukinari neko, Kaoru Okinawa, Yoku Masu, Burieno Wakayama, Giru Inu, Aino Azayakane

    In a group together, will get all of their utauloids drawn and a special song about each one.

    Some things to help you:

    1. Make it neat

    2. You can draw however you want

    3. Japanese or english

    4. here are there pictures:

    Top down:

    Yukina Neko

    Yukinari Neko

    Kaoru Okinawa

    Yoku Masu

    Burieno Wakayama

    Giru Inu

    Aino Azayakane

    Please take a look at the pictures.

    Arigato for reading

    Yukina, Yukinari, Kaoru, Yoku, Burieno, Giru, Aino 00:40, July 12, 2012 (UTC) Yukinautau

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  • Yukinautau


    July 11, 2012 by Yukinautau

    Does anyone out there know how to be an administrator on this wikia, because I am really into this, and just want to help out.

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  • Yukinautau

    Hello, dont mind my mad english, Im japanese. Anyway I am the creator of Yukina Neko, Yukinari Neko, Kaoru Okinawa, Burieno Wakayama, Yoku Masu, and Giru Inu. I want to welcome you to my page, and feel free to ask questions or ask if you can make my pages better. Dont be afraid to ask for utauloid friendships, Im always open. And if you would like a recording for a group song just ask me, and I will record. Just ask. Arigato for reading. And just ask.

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