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I am having a drawing contest, whoever can draw my Utauloids

Yukina neko, Yukinari neko, Kaoru Okinawa, Yoku Masu, Burieno Wakayama, Giru Inu, Aino Azayakane

In a group together, will get all of their utauloids drawn and a special song about each one.

Some things to help you:

1. Make it neat

2. You can draw however you want

3. Japanese or english

4. here are there pictures:

Neko Yukina

Yukina Neko

Top down:

Yukina Neko

Yukinari Neko

Kaoru Okinawa

Yoku Masu

Burieno Wakayama

Giru Inu

Aino Azayakane

Please take a look at the pictures.

Arigato for reading

Yukina, Yukinari, Kaoru, Yoku, Burieno, Giru, Aino 00:40, July 12, 2012 (UTC) Yukinautau

Okinara Kaoru

Kaoru Okinawa

IMG 1310

Yoku Masu

IMG 1307

Burieno Wakayama

IMG 1316

Giru Inu

Miku Butterfly Base by Vocaloid Bases

Aino Azayakane

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