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(Chinese: - 白先勇-

Báixiānyǒng- Bai Xiányong)

白(Bai; White)
先勇(Xiányong; Unknown)
MODEL: Unknown
Bao Xianyong (Genderbend/Brother)
Mokutan Moeru (Father figure)
Yínhé Zhánshi (Best Friend; May have crush on)
Rizu Shingi (Friend; Doesn't like him too much)
Haiiro Sora (Doesn't like)
AGE 23; Pretends to be 13 GENRE Techno, Chinese, Ballad, Metal, Pop HOMEPAGE Junai-chan's UTAUs and Stuff
WEIGHT 588 Quintillion Tons CHARACTER ITEM Strange Orb From Her Planet CREATOR Ryu-Sekii/Junai-chan (Junai-chan's YouTube)
HEIGHT 5'10.5" (179 cm) VOICE SOURCE Ryu-Sekii PICTURE LINK LIST deviantART Instagram
BIRTHDAY N/A LIKES Cold weather, singing, tricking people, sleeping, messing with her antennae, shiny things, stars, and astronomy. MEDIA LIST YOUTUBE
RELEASE DATE NOT RELEASED YET DISLIKES When people grab her ahoge, humans, hot temperatures, alien stereotypes, when awoken by someone, the sound of a baby crying, kids, ducks (has a fear of them), and when left alone. SIGNATURE SONG NONE
PERSONALITY: BaI is just a bashful little alien who never feels loved. She's always seemed to be depressed and lonely, and what's more sad is that she's used to it. She isn't used to being around so many people, but when she is, she gets nervous and laughs like a maniac. Despite her, abnormal first impressions, she can be very sweet and sensitive towards people she likes. If someone were to get to know her, she can be pretty awkward, but after a while she'll act like a complete kid even if she is an adult. Bai can also be EXTREMELY overprotective of her friends, given her yangire type nature. And when around her crush, she will go psychotic for them. And not to mention, she can be quite perverted around said crush as well...

And seeing her good qualities (and somewhat bad ones), she also has horrible qualities. As said before, she is psychotic. Bai has had a few psychotic episodes in her past, and they can appear at any given moment. She also has schizophrenia, and can hallucinate horrifying illusinss that cause her to hyperventilate. And as mentioned before, she is a pervert. But, shess more perverted than you think. Although she hasntt experienced intercourse at all and has no clue how to do it, she usually has some fantasies of her and a male she may or may not know in intercourse. Sure, you see her as a innocent and cute girl, but you cant judge a book by its cover.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Whitish Lavender/Indigo
Eye color: Neon Yellow; Occasionally may turn an ice blue or goldenrod.
Dress/Outfit: Look at the pictures.
Nationality/Race: Chinese
Catchphrase: "Stupid humans... They're an embarrassment to all earth species."


  • Bai Xiányong Voicebank Icon
  • Bai as seen in her cover of WAVE
  • Bai Xiányong as seen in her cover of AkahitohaGo to
  • Ushida Ryusei (by Ryu-Sekii)Go to Ryu-Sekii's Instagram
  • Ushida Ryusei (Also by Ryu-Sekii)Go to Ryu-Sekii's Instagram


【UTAU Newcomer】WAVE 【Ushida Ryusei】03:17

【UTAU Newcomer】WAVE 【Ushida Ryusei】

【UTAUカバー】 Anti the EuphoriaHOLiC 【Ari Utano ・ Ushida Ryusei】04:18

【UTAUカバー】 Anti the EuphoriaHOLiC 【Ari Utano ・ Ushida Ryusei】

【UTAUカバー】 Akahitoha 【Ushida Ryusei】04:09

【UTAUカバー】 Akahitoha 【Ushida Ryusei】

Voice Configuration

Bai is currently a CV voicebank. She is a Romaji encoded voicebank with Hiragana aliases.

Current Voicebanks

Bai Xianyong Act 1 - CV Voicebank

Future Voicebanks

  • Bai Xianyong Act 2 - VCV Voicebank
  • Bai Xianyong Appends (VCV) - Alto (Power), Extraterrestrial (Whisper)


UTAU Facts

  • Bai is an alien from a far away galaxy, Messier 83.
  • She dislikes the sound of her voice, and thinks she sounds like a chipmunk dying in a blender.
  • She has Schizophrenia.
  • She floats more than she walks.
  • She is made fun of for being an alien.
  • She has a fear of ducks.
  • Her antennae glow when she's happy, flicker when she's in love, glow red when shess angry, and twitch when she's sad.
  • She loves tricking people into thinking that she's a kid, and loves pretending to be her brother and get him into trouble.
  • She is extremely abusive if you make her angry.
  • She has had a really rough past, since she was banned from Messier 83 and literally thrown into earth, and has been wanted by the governemtt ever since.
  • She has severe anger issues, and will usually break nearby objectS, and even harm people around her.
  • She has a backstory related to Ari Utano.
  • When nervous, she laughs like a maniac.
  • She gets scared when yelled at.
  • Bai idolizes and has an obsession of Yuezheng Longya.
  • She is named after The Eternal “Snow Beauty”
  • Her full name is Baiyo Xianyong, but prefers to be called either Bai or Xián.

Terms of Use

  • Do not claim Bai as your own.
  • Do not impersonate either of the creators.
  • Do not use Bai for anything offensive or illegal.
  • We will not hold responsibility if there is any trouble.
  • You do not need permission to use the voicebank.
  • Please put the name of the UTAUloid if she is used in any of your videos/songs/art.
  • Do not use our UTAUloid for profit unless you have obtained permission from us prior to doing so.
  • Do not redistribute Bai.
  • Do not redistribute a modified version of Bai.
  • Do not use Ushida's samples in the voicebanks for another UTAUloid's voicebank.
  • You MAY modify the oto.ini, but do not publicly distribute a modified oto.ini of the voicebank without our permission.

This article was written by the creators, and is one hundred percent true. The details seen here may be subject to change at any time.

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